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Fall 2015 – Assessor Update

 The 2015 Property Assessments have been turned in to the Chief County Assessment Officer. She has completed the process of verifying the calculations, property class changes and balancing the final value totals that she sends to the Illinois Department of Revenue. The property owners in Boone County will receive their Change of Assessment Notice in the mail the first week in October. Property owners will have 30 days after the publication to appeal the value of their property to the Boone County Board of Review. The current assessments, as well as tools for locating sales of comparable properties, can be found on the Boone County Assessor’s website. http://www.boonecountyil.org/department/assessment  Please check it out for instructions on filing an appeal as well as the forms you will need to file. On the County Treasurer’s website,  http://boonecountytreasurer.us/  you can find current and past year’s tax rates, and the amounts paid to the individual taxing bodies that make up your tax bill.

This was the first year since 2009 Belvidere Township’s level of assessments were below the market values. Belvidere Township’s level of assessments was 33.08% which indicated a need for an increase of less than one percent overall. We met the requirements set by the Illinois Department of Revenue, (IDOR) by increasing the residential values by 0.65%, commercial values by 0.19% and the industrial values by 2.63%. The changes in value are all due to revaluation and do not include any new construction, demolition, or re-classification of property.

It’s my responsibility as your assessor, after analyzing the market, to determine where the increase in value should be placed. Every year my staff and I examine and study all sales of properties that are recorded in our jurisdiction within the previous 3 years. We create Sales Studies based on this information which we utilize to accurately assign values on over 11,000 parcels in our jurisdiction. There were 24,189 parcels in the county January 1, 2015. Belvidere Township made up 46% of them with around 11,186 and we comprised around 52% of the total value in the county.

The Belvidere Township Assessor’s office will be open three Saturdays in October to assist property owners. These dates will be published in the Boone County Shopper and will be included in our website calendar.


Tamara Torrance, CIAO

Belvidere Township Assessor

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