Tax Savings Programs

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Senior Citizens Real Estate Tax Deferral Program

This program is designed to allow senior citizens to defer payment of part or all of the property taxes on their homes. This program functions as a loan, with an annual interest rate of six percent. To qualify for this deferral, you must:

  • Own the property, which must be used exclusively as a residence. Please note that joint ownership under this program is limited to you and your spouse.
  • Have lived on this or another qualifying property for at least three years, except for periods in which you may have resided temporarily in a nursing or sheltered care home.
  • Be age 65 or older by June 1 of the tax year.
  • Have a maximum household income of $50,000.
  • Owe no delinquent taxes on the property.

NOTE: The filing deadline for the program is March 1 of the tax year. Applications are available from the Boone County Treasurer (815.544.2666).

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